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Ablaze Studios - All About Photography

Eric Romero




A childhood spent shooting expressive photographs with a self-taught father on 35mm film; it really isn't a bad way to start out in life. I marveled at all his equipment as I watched him shoot weddings, people, and nature when he wasn't spending his days trying not to be laid off by then-imploding, Kodak. Luckily, he balanced his passions and a career for 32 years. His passion for composition and taking photos that don't need editing really caught my interest.


Fast forward from an awkward adolescence and you'd find that I like to use both digital and 35mm film to capture moments better told as-is and not repeatedly airbrushed into plastic with Photoshop. Ablaze Studios was born with the idea that backdrop studio photography is a waste in the amazing landscape we call Earth. Will I touch things up? Absolutely. However, I prefer to not use software to heavily change the emotion in a photograph. Beautification is most coveted, but often distorted and extremely over-edited by photographers far and wide. One day, maybe I'll have the pleasure of shooting my adorable aging parents, who knows.


Business Photography

Blazing through 2018-2019, I found myself shooting a variety of styles with all the dimensions that Ablaze Studios Photography covers. I had put down 35mm film while running aspects of the social media for New Belgium Brewing. I quickly I found myself taking photos for other giant corporate outfits such as HR Pharmaceuticals, Ecovue, and Marketing360. Many businesses do not realize quality original photography is greatly favored over stock photography in this algorithm-heavy marketing world. Accurate original photography positively affects everything from ads, articles, team photos, blogs, website hero image, billboards, mailers, office decor, press releases, etc. The fastest way a business can short cut themselves is by using stock photography While creating branding and corporate photography for various businesses all over the western USA, I was often booked for fashion, pet photography, family photography, school pictures, and on-location boudoir sessions. 

Personal Photography

On the other side of the spectrum, I began making a name for myself with an ongoing series called "Abandoned Beauty." This series is a mashup of fashion modeling paired with abandoned or lost history in Colorado and Wyoming. The series has been featured at countless festivals including the Serendipity Music and Arts Festival, Corgi's and Friends Take Over Fashion 2020, and the Northern Colorado's famed First Friday Art Walk - to name a few. I live to talk about art and connect with other humans who share the love for anything that dips into the creative - all while empowering people to look their best and promote their aspirations. 

Have you ever felt awkward posing in a stuffy studio with more equipment than an operating room? I have. Most of my clients feel the same way, so I do away with all that and cultivate the proper location for each specific session. For business it's always best to represent the best aspects a consumer will encounter. Regarding personal photography, I prefer a gorgeous outdoor or unique indoor location in this interestingly wonderful state we call Colorado. This dedication propels the final photography prints to be the most eye-catching deliverables whether for business or personal. By leaning towards the unconventional, I'm able to create the most amazing portraits and branding photography you can imagine - all while having fun.

Please note - all photography sessions are built to order and include final edits chosen by the photographer. Rather than charging for the session then making the client pick the images they like to the tune of an additional charge - each package will include final edited digital prints with great edits in mind. Please ask about what each photography package includes.

I aim for personal empowerment and in becoming more aware as individuals. Let's capture the moment, together. Don't take life too seriously - you'll never get out alive. 

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